Biosimilar Clinical Trials

A biosimilar is a biologic medicine that is approved based on showing that it is highly similar to an existing approved innovative biological product, known as a reference product. There is huge demand for these products at the moment, leading to more biosimilar clinical trials.

We have extensive experience in sourcing products for biosimilar studies where even the site of production might have an impact on the product License. For example there can be very strict Government regulations in place in some countries. However we can offer reliable supplies.

  • Purchasing directly from innovator companies if required
  • Able to secure large quantities and supply global studies where disclosure is not desirable
  • Ensuring pedigree of products as well as continuity of supply,
  • With different batches and expiry dates
  • Sourced specifically for analytical purposes, before and after the launch of an innovator product.

The below are all products that we have provided for Biosimilar Studies:

  • Avastin
  • Enbrel
  • Humira
  • Herceptin
  • Mabthera
  • Remicade

Tackling Challenges

Sourcing biosimilars for biosimilar clinical trials can be very challenging. A number of issues could hurt availability, including things like shortages, Government regulations, restrictions from manufacturers and also problems with documentation. Any one of these could delay or prevent a trial.

Our expertise is a huge benefit to our clients here. We are aware of the potential issues and have devised the perfect ways to overcome them. As a result we can add lots of value to biosimilar studies. We aim to ensure supply continuity, even when it comes to difficult to source products.

Supporting clients

We appreciate how much growth there is in biological drugs and the higher demand this causes for biosimilars. Luckily we can work with clients to provide a safe, steady supply. We create a strategy specifically for each client, giving them advice and an all-in-one solution that includes sourcing, distribution, labelling and more.

Whatever the schedule, standards or specific requirements, we can help move biosimilar clinical trials forward. We can deliver biosimilars to various destinations, including direct to research sites. In addition we provide reliable storage to protect the quality and consistency.

If you need a supply solution for biosimilar studies contact us for details.