Clinical Development

At Clinical Services International we strive to offer the most flexible solutions for pharmaceutical investigators. We are an innovative company with lots of experience to call on, including a network of contacts in the industry. Therefore we can provide assistance at every stage of clinical development.

Trials are important for all kinds of medicines. Studies can take place in the run up to getting on the market as well as after approval. To maximise the chance of success it is important to organise each trial with care. We know how to do that, handling everything from sourcing to distribution.

Commercial or research

Clinical development can have different goals. Some studies are commercially driven, aiming to get medicines to market. Others are purely research or science based Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs). Our services are flexible as a result, ensuring clients stand the best chance of achieving their goal.

In each trial it is important to meet regulatory requirements. Our extensive knowledge means we can offer advice about them. It also ensures we can adapt the service to make sure it complies.


The core of our service is efficient, reliable sourcing. This is important in every single trial. We have smart strategies in place to ensure we can obtain comparators and biosimilars effectively. In addition we have access to plenty of reference listed drugs.

We store medicines with great care in high quality licensed facilities. In addition we have a quality management system in place to ensure we consistently meet the highest standards. As a result we offer a great service for all kinds of trials. Every batch we have in stock is fully traceable too.

Clinical Services International also excels at distribution. This is crucial for reducing delays during trials. We can deliver to various locations within the shortest timeframes. This includes distributing to packing agents, a site or patient, or a warehouse.

If you are doing any kind of clinical development we can help you. Please get in touch to discuss your needs with us.