Clinical Trial Services

Our teams have in depth knowledge and experience of clinical trials; they know every step of the process and have successfully brought many drugs to the market. Each trial is unique and presents various challenges. We will source quality assured comparators and reference listed drugs for clients, while ensuring we streamline operations.

  • Comparators and Reference Listed Drugs
  • Biosimilar Studies
  • Oncology Products

Building a strong relationship

The key to finding the right solution is communication. As a result we work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their goals, ideas, and criteria. We strive to get as much information as we can so that we can tailor the right service. Collaborative partnerships can last beyond the trial too because we are always here to offer our experience and support.

Working with us can add a great deal of value to your clinical trials and development. From start to finish we set the highest standards and work to comply with complex regulations. We handle everything from sourcing comparators and reference listed drugs to biosimilars and oncology products. That means you only need to deal with us.


Another thing we do to drive value is look for innovative solutions. We work in a very dynamic industry that is always looking to advance. Standing still is not an option. We gear our services to adapt, ensuring they can suit current and future requirements.

One aspect of our service that is particularly innovative is our supply management. We consolidate sourcing and purchasing, storage and distribution. Our team can provide secondary labelling and various other ancillary services too. As a result we can drive value for money and make trials more efficient. Our solutions also reduce waste.

If you want to learn more about our clinical trial services please get in touch. Clinical Services International works hard for our clients, whether the focus is commercial or research based.