Delivering Enormous Cost Savings by Providing Sourcing Options for Oncology Products

One of our clients was preparing to run a global study with an expensive oncology product. CSI provided 3 outstanding sourcing options:

  • – Sourcing directly from the manufacturer by leveraging our relationship and delivering products with a 4-month lead time.
  • – Sourcing from authorised wholesalers in a timely manner at a slightly lower price.
  • – Providing the Biosimilar product which is registered both in Europe and USA: CSI worked closely with the Biosimilar manufacturer and provided extensive meta-analysis as well as equivalency statements regarding the product.

Choosing the Biosimilar delivered €7 million cost savings to the budget of the study.

This was a remarkable achievement for CSI and our client. We demonstrated our scientific knowledge, expertise, ability to deliver novel solutions, and the fact that we provide Gold Standard Supply.