Investigator Initiated Trials

Investigator Initiated Trials are independent patient-focused studies led by physicians rather than commercial organisations. They advance medical and scientific knowledge about patient care in the real world.

We work with physicians and Academic Institutions to source the products and support them in every step of the process.

These Trials are particularly important because:

  • Provide safety and effectiveness information for already approved drugs
  • Encourage participation of academics that bring a plethora of expertise
  • Explore use of marketed drugs in new indications in approved sub-populations in new dosages or combinations with other drugs
  • Foster scientific exchange and collaboration especially in areas of rare diseases
  • Are not driven by potential commercial outcome but rather fulfilling scientific interests

IITs are very crucial to the clinical research landscape. They allow studies without the demands and pressure of the commercial sector. This is particularly vital for speciality medicines.

Flexible trials

To ensure the maximum value with Investigator Initiated Trials, we offer the most flexible solutions. We can adapt our service to suit different medications, goals, and also any potential obstacles. Most importantly, we ensure that clear policies are always in place for the whole duration of a study.

The IIT market has very specific demands to satisfy. Clinical Services International is in the perfect position to do this. We ensure intelligent sourcing, supply and distribution for every single trial. Our network of contacts in the industry is very strong, therefore we can handle everything for you.

We appreciate that the pharmaceutical industry is constantly moving forward. Luckily our Investigator Initiated Trials are just as dynamic. While they can effectively meet current needs, we always look at advancing and ensuring we can cater for future demands.

Over the years we have organised trials to suit a wide array of different investigators. It is our goal to build strong relationships with each client, supporting them and offering the right environment for study.

If you would like to discuss IITs with us please feel free to get in touch.