New interest for investigator initiated trials

Clinical Services International is a company that truly understands investigator initiated trials. These are self-contained patient-focused studies. Physicians lead them. Normally, commercial organisations would oversee clinical trials. It’s our job to work alongside these professionals as well as academic institutions. We’re able to source the equipment and drugs they require.

In recent years, interest in these trials has grown. This is because Biopharmaceutical companies are using them more. A trial can further patient safety in cost effective and creative ways.

Studies like these serve a vital function, advancing devices and drugs and also increasing value. This is past new product regulatory approval. There is a reason why things happen this way. It’s because you can’t understand a product’s uses and risks properly until they reach the users.

A better understanding

You cannot develop standard clinical trials sponsored by companies to answer every question. This is why people are veering towards investigator initiated trials. They can increase their understanding of additional uses. These can enhance the health of patients. Additionally, they learn more about safety. It can also help them with meeting regulatory requirements.

The trials typically last between several months and three years. They’re not solicited. They depend on investigators to perform them too. This is to improve scientific as well as medical knowledge under the regulatory scrutiny. Said scrutiny covers industry-initiated trials. Usually, people perform these trials to aid certain researchers. These individuals aren’t related to a particular biopharmaceutical company. Instead, they are examining the company’s disease areas of interests or products.

At Clinical Services International, we provide each client with suitable solutions. We want to improve lives and patient outcomes. Rest assured that you will receive top quality equipment and drugs when we supply your investigator initiated trials. We source everything ethically as well.

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