Our Proposition

We are in the Business of De-RISKING your clinical trial

We appreciate that sourcing the most appropriate comparators can be a rate limiting step in during the clinical trial.

This is because the medicines might not be available, the supply might be intermittent, the countries participating in the study might require specific papers, product availability might be seasonal e.g. flu vaccines.

All the above may have a detrimental impact on the timelines.

CSI will ensure that comparator sourcing is not a rate limiting step and that no patient is turned down because of lack of medication.

We do no just supply medicines, we model the entire supply chain and DE-RISK your study.

Ensuring we deliver your comparators on time and on budget

Time is of essence, we work in partnership with our client and suppliers and ensure consistent and timely delivery.

We find the unfindable

We pride ourselves for our extensive and well-established network of suppliers and manufacturers on a global basis.

We go the extra mile to find products where other companies desert.
Recent examples include:
✔ a medical device, registered but not commercially available in Europe, CSI sourced the product, established agreement with manufacturer and supplied trial in 4 European countries
✔ a discontinued medical product, CSI reached an agreement with manufacturer for custom made production.

We deliver value

We are driven by our passion to improve Patient Outcomes and Peoples lives. We contribute to the success of clinical trial by our efficient, honest and straight forward approach to business.

We are not a pharmaceutical wholesaler, rather a science led provider that advances medicine.