Supplies of Medicines

Clinical trials are very important in the development of drugs. One thing that is central to the success of a trial is arranging the right supplies of medicines. These could be comparator or reference listed drugs. Clinical Services International has a wealth of experience in this area. With our network of suppliers and manufacturers, we can offer a fully integrated service for clients around the world. As a result we can play a key role in helping studies to progress.


Every trial is unique in many different ways, so it is impossible to provide a one size fits all solution for supplying medicines. Instead we offer bespoke sourcing to suit each client’s needs. The strategy we devise can include finding an ethical source of drugs, ordering, storage, distribution and even labelling.

Because our service is integrated we have the power to provide as much value as we can for clients. This means they don’t need to deal with any other party and makes organisation much easier.


One thing we do for our clients is provide strategic advice and support. With over twenty years of experience we know how trials work and the different stages. We can therefore help them to determine exactly when they need to order specific medicines. Ultimately this ensures they don’t have to worry about delays or issues with having to store drugs themselves and potentially affecting the quality.


Some trials are more challenging than others. However we have the skills and competency to devise an innovative solution that will maximise the benefits for the client. Whether we are offering supplies of medicines to a trial provider, physicians, or participants in a trial directly, we ensure our sourcing strategy is flawless.

A big challenge on many trials is the time frame. There may be a very small window in which comparator or reference drugs need to be available. Luckily we can find a source quickly in our network and ensure reliable delivery. If the trial is running for a long period we can ensure consistency with ongoing supplies.

If you need to arrange supplies of medicines that are reliable, ethical and complete with appropriate documentation, rely on us. You can contact Clinical Services International to talk about your needs and find out more about why you should work with us.