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Webinar – Comparator Sourcing in Clinical Trials: Complexities and Bespoke Solutions

Register for a Webinar hosted by CSI on Comparator Sourcing in Clinical Trials with Dr. Vanessa Dekou:

Comparator sourcing is a fast-growing industry in clinical trials that has doubled within the last five years. As most drug candidates are being studied against the existing standard of care (comparator), the need for secure and transparent sourcing of comparator drugs and non-investigational medicinal products (NIMPs) on a global scale is likely to rise significantly.

However, this is a very complex process and designing an efficient and agile supply chain is challenging. Often poorly designed supply chains result in tremendous wastage and even worse, lack of medication at the site might delay studies and put patients at risk.

There are many important questions to be addressed upfront; extensive planning and pharmaceutical supply knowledge on a global scale is required.

In this webinar, our speaker will provide a comprehensive overview of the complexities and challenges of sourcing comparators while addressing protocol requirements. She will also provide expert science-based advice on bespoke solutions for successful comparator sourcing.

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