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Delivering Devices to Sites in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia

CSI was contacted by a client that urgently required medical devices to be delivered to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia for a large oncology trial.

These devices/markers were required during the patient screening visit. These devices are only applied to a very limited number of patients under a standard of care; however, due to the increased level of follow up required in the environment of the clinical trial, the devices were being applied to all patients. The client thought initially that the sites would be able to source themselves, but the quantities required were higher than the UK and Germany joint monthly number of units, and deliveries had to be arranged on demand to 100 sites.

The quantities were so large compared to normal demand that they placed strain on the manufacturer’s own production and supply chain capability.

CSI worked closely with the client’s medical team to identify options for products with the same characteristics as alternative/option B solutions.

From a combination of the main and secondary source, CSI adequately supplied the study and avoided delays to patient recruitment.

We ensured that all required documentation was in place for smooth import and distribution, forecasted demand, and developed a safety net stock level to respond to variable patient recruitment levels.

Sample Testing and Delivery of Same Batch Oncology Products with all Documentation

Our client requested us to secure large quantities of a high, in-demand oncology product in both strengths that the product is available.

The client wanted CSI to deliver samples to perform specific analytical testing; once the testing was performed and the results were satisfactory, the client requested CSI to deliver the stock of the same batches with all documentation available for exports.

There are several challenges here: first, stock availability. Due to our in-depth knowledge of the market, we only targeted specific countries.

Second challenge: the ability to supply a specific batch.

We leveraged our outstanding relationships with authorised wholesalers to hold a stock of this expensive drug while the testing was being carried out. CSI would purchase following confirmation from the client of satisfactory analytical testing or ask the supplier to rotate stock and try again with the next batch in case the analytical test was not satisfactory.

We delivered above expectations and our client could meet corporate objectives.

I am truly extremely pleased that CSI managed to achieve the purchasing and delivery milestones which one could say “Mission Impossible” considering the tight market situation and strict requirement to test a batch which lead to the needs to reserve stock for weeks. A very BIG THANK YOU to CSI team for going beyond. Without you, we would be at a loss and not able to achieve the FPI milestone.

Top 5 CRO.